What is this about?


This is an essay, an attempt to put my mind into a framework that I can comprehend. This is a game, the way I have been playing life until now. This is the stuff from which I am made.

WINTER is a first release composed by a group of essays, projects, poems and reflections that have been prepared in very harsh but at the end of not so dry winters. Through these months, you will find new seasonal fruits. Welcome.


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Estoy seguro que la respuesta va a ser abrumadora.

Comment by Luis Salcedo

Sandra: la idea del blog me parece sensacional como posibilidad de intercambio e ilustración y el tema del agua capaz de un desarrollo potente. Felicitaciones, Fito

Comment by Rodolfo Gordillo T.

Hi Sandra, at a glance this web site is so inspiring. I am impressed by your creativity, ideas and choice of paradigms. I wish I knew Spanish to understand somethings, but I can get an idea just by reading some material. Congratulations on such a great idea, love and luck, Pooja

Comment by Pooja

Hola reinita! Te felicito por la creatividad! Vos siempre con buenas ideas! Felicitaciones! Gaby.

Comment by Gaby

Hi Sandra, You have brilliant ideas. Nice inspiration. I have learnt more from your stories and opinion poll. I think, I need to studu spanish to understand your message.

Keep it up

Comment by fALLAH

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